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Verrinne et mets pour buffet de  mariage à la chatellerie de schoebeque


Easy Nice Meal!

Want to eat without the fuss! 

Here is our menu to feast your eyes
suck your fingers
and especially
wedge your stomach!
A journey of flavors from the French terroir in a panoramic dining room or in room service.
Seaside suitcase 27.90€
  Salmon tortillas, Pastels of cod, Shrimp verrine, Salmon tartare with lemon cream and dill

Field suitcase €28.50 
Pinch mini pizza, Comté cheese chouquette, Beef carpaccio, Mozzarella, Tandoori chicken skewer, Goat cheese and vegetable tartare

Road-trip suitcase 27,20€
Fig and goat cheese macaroon, Vegetable tartare, Rosti burger, Marinated chicken, tortilla and guacamole

Business suitcase 29,40€
Foie gras block puck, White truffle macaroon, Vegetable millefeuille, Chicken vol au vent, Tandoori chicken skewer

Suitcase of the islands 16,90€ 
Ice cream flavors of different scents

Softness of the world suitcase 19,80€ (2 people)
Gourmet flavors
Trip'meals valise de room service de la chatellerie de schoebeque

Opening of the Trip'Meals - Bar

In Salon or Room service

Every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

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