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General Conditions of Sale Groups & Seminars

1. Services: 

The services that make up our seminar package are inseparable. All our prices are in Euros including VAT. Any service not included in the package will be invoiced in addition according to the current rate. Any service not provided for and requested after the reservation will be the subject of an additional estimate which must be accepted and which will be subject to these general conditions.

2. Reservation – Deposit:  

To confirm any reservation:

- The estimate must be signed (with the stamp of the company if this is the case) with the mention "Good for agreement"

- A down payment equivalent to 50% of the total amount (including tax) of the estimate must be received by Châtellerie de Schoebeque, a maximum of 15 days before the date of the service.

- A credit card imprint will be requested if the balance of the invoice is to be paid on the day of departure.

- In the case of the creation of a supplier account with the sending of an invoice, the down payment must be equivalent to the totality (including tax) of the estimate, and the balance of the invoice to be paid cannot exceed 5 days (beyond the costs penalty of 60€ per day will apply).

- In the event that the reservation is made less than 60 days before the start date of the service, the deposit request will be the equivalent of 100% of the amount of the estimate including tax.

All reservations must be confirmed in writing (letter, fax or e-mail) by the hotel.

Any reservation confirmed by the customer implies full acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale in their entirety.

These Advance Reservation conditions may however be modified depending on the number of rooms reserved and/or the specifics of the service and will then be indicated in the quote.

3. Rules: 

All our invoices relating to your stay are payable upon receipt and may not exceed 7 days (beyond the penalty fee of €60 per day will apply).

4. List of names: 

The name list of clients must be sent to the hotel 7 days before the arrival of the seminar/group, this number will be used as the basis for invoicing. Without this indication, the hotel reserves the right to reduce the quota of reserved rooms by 10% without notice.

Moreover, if within this period the room quota is not respected, the rooms will be invoiced.

5. Cancellation - Postponement

In the event of partial or total cancellation of the event less than one month before the date of the service, the deposits remain with the hotel, even in the event of re-renting of the rooms. These deadlines exceeded, the estimated amount of canceled rooms, not covered by the installments, will be invoiced in full in the event that these rooms are not re-let.

The request for postponement must be explicit and in writing.

Below the deadline of one month, the postponement is left to the charge of the Chatellerie de Schoebeque interlocutor and must be confirmed in writing.

6. Choice of catering services: 

The number of covers for each meal as well as the choice of the different services must be sent to the hotel7 days beforethe date of the service.

The final number of covers for each meal must be communicated72 hours in advance(Monday to Friday inclusive) will serve as the basis for invoicing.

It cannot differ by more than 7% from the number provided when booking. Failing this, the service and the invoicing will be established on the conditions of the accepted estimate.

7. Billing: 

Any individual invoice for extras not paid by the participant concerned will be charged to the main invoice for the seminar. For services not included in the seminar package, separate invoicing will be established for payment upon receipt to the service provider concerned. The hotel is not liable for the payment of services that have not been expressly ordered by it.

8. Organization of the stay: 

The rooms are available from 4:30 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be vacated after breakfast in the morning (by 10 a.m. at the latest). For all group reservations, breakfast takes place at the buffet between 7:30 a.m. and 10 a.m.

9. Rooms and equipment: 

Any additional room required will be charged extraaccording to our current rates.

Any missing or damaged material will be invoiced on the basis of the replacement or repair value and payable to the supplier upon receipt of the invoice.

Any layout and any specific decoration (flags, logo, signage, etc.) are subject to the assessment and prior agreement of the hotel and must be dropped off at the hotel no later than 48 hours before the start date of the demonstration. If parcels have to be delivered, the client-organizer mustinform the hotel no later than 7 days before the scheduled delivery date.For liability and security reasons, any unannounced delivery will be systematically returned to the sender.

10. Disclaimer: 

The hotel or its staff cannot be held responsible for losses or thefts of any kind whatsoever, affecting the customer-organizer, the participants or the visitors, except insofar as the property concerned has previously been explicitly entrusted to the of the establishment against regular receipt.

11. Late payment: 

Any delay in payment in relation to the conditions defined in the preceding paragraphs will give rise to the invoicing of late payment interest on the basis of €60 per day.

12. Image rights: 

The acceptance of the general conditions of sale is valid, in the absence of written information to the contrary sent to the Chatellerie de Schoebeque on the day or at the latest before the end of the service, for authorization of reproduction and representation of photographs and/or videos. (in case of reporting). Consequently, the customer or guest authorizes Chatellerie de Schoebeque to broadcast the images taken during its activity.

The images may be exploited and used directly in all forms and all media known and unknown to date without any time limit (press, brochure, display, internet, social networks, etc.) for the promotion of the activities of the Chatellerie de Schoebecque. The client acknowledges that he is fully satisfied with his rights and cannot claim any remuneration for the exploitation of the rights referred to in this paragraph.

13. Logo: 

Unless expressly stated otherwise by the Client, Chatellerie de Schoebeque reserves the right to include in its creations a commercial statement clearly indicating its contribution. In addition, the customer authorizes Chatellerie de Schoebeque to mention its name and logo in commercial documents as references, as well as to use, for promotional purposes, the creations and achievements (logo type) implemented for its account.

14. Dispute: 

In the event of a dispute, the competent Court will be that of the registered office of the hotel.

Nota Bene: The request for an estimate by an organizer does not constitute any contractual link between the parties. The period of validity of the offers, in particular the pricing, is limited to7 days after the issue of the offer.

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