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Les comédiens
La mer -schoebeque
Nuit caline
la mer salle de bain chatellerie de schoebeque-min

Our Universes: your room!

Let yourself be guided by your emotions,

choose your universe :

Classic 18th century room,

Adventure Room or even 

Room with large bathroom and

Suite atypica!! 

Room "Evasion"

Escape from everyday life and take the time to recharge your batteries

make the choice of a big bath!

Enter the world of cinema and become a star. Bubble bath and bath salt will be ther !

Go down in the hold of a underwater to enjoy a good bath ! 

Surprise yourself in a

great bath of champagne

in hand !

Enter a world of finesse, taste and harmony in the 18th style and the 

modern comfort, make the choice of the classic !

"When he takes me in his arms, he whispers to me, I see life in pink !"

Follow in the footsteps of

the Marquise de Pompadour ...

Enter the world of the land of the rising day

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